Jeremy Bamber is Innocent

Jeremy Bamber is Innocent
Jeremy Bamber is Innocent

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Case of Jeremy Bamber

I have listed below some points that I feel are important in proving that the Crown’s case against Jeremy was badly flawed and that an innocent man has spent 25 years in jail for a crime he did not commit.

07/07/85 DC Bird Photographs interior of White House Farm, photograph strip 7, negative one shows mantle shelf unscratched. The house is forensically examined. The Sound Moderator SBJ/1 and .22 Anshultz rifle are found at this time and are taken to Huntingdon Forensic Laboratory.

09/08/85 DI Cook takes a paint sample from AGA surround to match against paint on the barrel of the gun found downstairs that the Police had seized from the scene. DS Davidson was actioned to take the sound moderator (SBJ/1), and magazines for the .22 rifle, to be fingerprinted and examined.

13/08/85 The Sound Moderator SBJ/1 and .22 Anshultz rifle are taken to Huntingdon Forensic Laboratory. Here they are examined by Glynnis Howard who removes blood samples from SBJ/1. She does not discover any red pain upon the sound moderator. The Police are informed that the .22 Anshultz rifle did not have sights or a sound moderator attached to it when JB took it from gun cupboard

15/08/85 Essex Police informed by Glynnis Howard that the blood samples she removed from SBJ/1 are positive for human blood and blood from two other animals. DI Cook visits Sandridge Forensic Laboratory to examine sound moderator (SBJ/1) for finger prints. 21/08/85 DI Cook returns to Sandridge Forensic Laboratory this time exposing SBJ/1 to super-glue to enhance the examination for finger prints, he states that he finds nothing. DI Cook takes a series of photographs of sound moderator SBJ/1; he also dismantles it to photograph the internal baffle plates. 11/09/85 Police now allow Ann Eaton, David Boutflour, Peter Eaton, Robert Boutflour and Basil Cock back into White House Farm to see if they can come up with any evidence to assist with their investigations. Ann Eaton states that she is surprised that Essex Police had not properly searched Nevill Bamber’s gun cupboard, after David removes a sound moderator (DRB/1) from a carrier bag in a box on the floor. David also removes the telescopic sights and 350 rounds of .22 ammunition from the cupboard. Basil Cock is only concerned at the house being covered in a layer of black finger print dust. Robert states that Basil cock takes no interest in the sound moderator DRB/1, telescopic sights AE/1 or the ammunition AE/2 which are all taken to Ann Eaton’s house. David Boutflour then telephones Witham Police about finding a sound moderator at White House Farm.

It seems very unlikely that in three searches of White House Farm on 7th, 8th and 9th August 1985 the Police did not find this silence and yet 4 people walk in on the 11th September and find one straight away. Why would the police ask them to come up with evidence to assist their investigations? Were their own officers not competent to do so? I would have thought they would not want them near the crime scene.

That evening (11th Sept) DC Oakey goes to Ann Eaton’s House and takes possession of a sound moderator DRB/1 and 350 rounds of ammunition for a .22 rifle. DC Oakey logs these items into the miscellaneous property book.

12/09/85 Ann Eaton contacts DI Cook making a fuss about the Police not finding DRB/1 the sound moderator, or of seeing the scratch marks made by this sound moderator on the underside of the mantle shelf. DI Cook, DC Bird and DS Davidson agree to meet Ann at White House Farm as a PR exercise. On arrival Ann shows DI Cook the scratch marks. DI Cook takes a second paint sample which he hands to DS Davidson. DC Bird takes photographs of the mantle shelf’s underside.

First witness statement taken from David Boutflour. Why, if he supposedly found DRB/1 on 10th Aug 85 (as told to the court), did he not make a witness statement then? Or have his finger prints taken for elimination purposes when SBJ/1 was examined on 15th and 21st Aug for finger prints? Why did David Boutflour not make a statement or provide a blood sample for elimination purposes, when Glynnis Howard discovered human blood on SBJ/1 and reported that fact to Essex Police on the 15th Aug? David Boutflour didn’t make a witness statement until the 12th Sept 1985, or provide any elimination finger prints or a blood sample for SBJ/1, because he had nothing to do with its discovery. The sound moderator he found in Nevill Bamber’s gun cupboard, DRB/1 only occurred on 11th Sept 1985.

Huntingdon Forensic Labs match red paint found on the sound moderator DRB/1 with a paint sample taken from the underside of the mantle shelf. This, they concluded was proof that the sound moderator was on the .22 Anshultz rifle during some kind of struggle in the kitchen between Nevill Bamber and his assailant.

There was a second silencer belonging to Anthony Pargeter that was taken away by the police on the 8th August and which was the one sent for forensic testing, but at the trial the prosecution never admitted to the fact that there were 2 silencers and there is photographic proof that the exhibit labels for these moderators were modified to hide this fact as it would have damaged the prosecution case.

Peter Suthurst a forensic photometry expert establishes that there are no scratch marks on the underside of the mantle shelf in photographs taken on 7th Aug 1985. This was proof that someone used DRB/1 to scratch the shelf’s underside some time later.

Further documentation is available to suggest that evidence was backdated, and witness statements also further support the findings of the court specialist Mr. Peter Sutherst.

In light of the above facts I would like to know who used the rifle’s sound moderator to scratch the kitchen paint work, why they did this and what, if anything, they gained from doing so. I believe that if someone deliberately fabricated evidence, then this is a clear case of perverting the course of justice and that the police ought to investigate further. I am dismayed that Essex Police have always refused to undertake any criminal investigation into this matter. Police records show that someone was alive in the house talking to the Police when Jeremy Bamber was standing actually with Police at that time. Surely this is an important fact in the case. Someone is in the house and talking whilst your main suspect is standing next to you.

More evidence shows that there were two bodies downstairs in the kitchen when Police broke into the house and yet in official accounts there was only one – so how did Sheila Caffell’s body move upstairs?

Sheila Caffell’s blood was still wet after 10am if Jeremy Bamber had committed the murders he had to have done so before 3 am – so how is this possible?

Requests that were made for evidence to be released have been ignored even after assurances from representatives in the Houses of Parliament back on 19 February 2005 that the CCRC have to power to gain access to these documents. David Boutflour admits on the record in an interview with a newspaper that he did not find the sound moderator DRB/1 on the 10th Aug 1985 as he stated in court at JB’s trial. He has now stated that he found this sound moderator ‘some months’ after the tragedy. He actually found DRB/1 a little over a month later on 11th Sept 1985.